HC#6_The Sunn AlsO))) Rises (live Nancy, 3/7/2019)

"I badly need some Life Metal in my, uh, life. Can't - yawn - wait..." It's a time-honoured tradition of modernity to leave your dire situation behind for a moment (or forever) and go on a road trip and feel "real life(TM)" so that your changed vantage point may better enable you to fully realize… Continue reading HC#6_The Sunn AlsO))) Rises (live Nancy, 3/7/2019)

HC#4 : Review of Judiciary’s “Surface Noise”

In welchem Heavy vom neuen Album "Surface Noise" der Texaner Judiciary profan erleuchtet in Zugen redet. [Note: there will be some posts in English, some in German. Each English post will have a German abstract and vice versa.] Lady Liberty, tears of blood falling on yellow roses, Texas in the cross hairs, a collage of… Continue reading HC#4 : Review of Judiciary’s “Surface Noise”